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Wood Garage Door Example

Wood Garage Doors

Stylish, beautiful, aesthetic

Time to replace your garage door after years of wear and tear? Looking for a beautiful replacement? A wood garage door is a great option to consider. Wood garage doors are known for their unique aesthetic, customization options, and price variation. Each has their advantages and disadvantages. Learn more about the pros and cons of wood doors below.

Smarr Garage Door in Columbia, Missouri works with homeowners to find the perfect garage door to complement their homes. Get help finding and installing your perfect wood garage door by contacting us today.

Pros and Cons of Wood Garage Doors


The cost for a wood garage door can vary greatly depending on the project, material, and features selected. They tend to be on the more costly side of the garage-door spectrum, but many people feel the elegant look and feel they provide is worth the spend.

Homeowners should consider the length or size of their garage. If you have a two or three car garage you can expect the price of any garage door installation project to at least double. The ability to add features to your wood garage door will also ultimately add to the total cost. If working with a skilled garage door installer you may opt to also paint your new garage door to match your home which also could add to the overall project cost.


Aside from their visual appeal, wood garage doors have many advantages over other materials. The wood used to make the doors can vary depending on the supplier. Popular types of wood include:

  • Cedar Garage Doors
  • Mahogany Garage Doors
  • Reclaimed Wood Garage Doors
  • Redwood Garage Doors
  • Oak Garage Doors
  • And more!

Each material provides a unique look and feel, each with its own elegant, rustic and natural quality. Keep in mind that wood is a natural material that is more at risk of weather or insect damage than other doors, which could make maintenance down the road more expensive.


Wood doors are generally considered less durable than other materials because they are vulnerable to fire and other types of damage. They are fairly resistant to impact but are less resistant than their stronger steel counterparts.


The customization options are nearly endless when it comes to wooden garage doors. With the ability to also change their panel type, carriage style, paint, and windows, these doors can be specially crafted to suit your individual style and needs. Although great for updates and regular customization, the fact that your wooden door may need to be painted now and then can tack on some extra maintenance costs. Make sure to factor that in when comparing the cost of wooden doors to other lower maintenance materials, such as vinyl or fiberglass.

If you are working with a customer-centric garage door installer like Smarr Garage Doors, you can use the experts to walk you through each design option that wooden garage doors have to offer you.


The classic look of wooden garage doors is in high demand. For this reason, having a wooden garage door is likely to enhance your home’s curb appeal and increase the value of your home. Even if your home is decades old, wooden doors can be easily given a fresh coat of paint (unlike other materials), which can brighten them up and get them market-ready with minimal time and effort.


If you have dreams of a wooden garage door but are worried about costs, we recommend comparing different suppliers, who offer a range of options with plenty of lower-cost models. Suppliers offer templated and faux wood garage doors for a more nominal price tag without losing the wood style door curb appeal. Wooden garage doors are also compatible with our smart door technology. Work with us to find the perfect doors within your budget, no matter your preferred material and style.

Wood Garage Doors in Columbia, MO

is a family-owned business that has been serving Columbia and Mid-Missouri for nearly 40 years. No matter the garage door material you choose, our top priority will always be customer satisfaction. We promise to be available at every point during your project. We promise to help you in the friendly, honest manner you expect.

Have more questions about wood garage doors or need more help deciding on the right material for your garage door? Contact us for questions, appointments, or free estimates today!

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