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Garage Door Installation Services

Garage Door Installation

Installation For Residential and Commercial Customers

Your garage door should have character and complement the rest of your home. Smarr Garage Door works with a variety of vendors so that we can do just that—install the perfect garage door to fit the needs of your residential or commercial property. For every installation project, we custom order the type of door that best suits your home or business. Working with several vendors allows us to offer many different door types to our customers so that you can choose from a wide variety. There is so much to choose from, and Smarr has it all! A door for everyone, no matter what your needs or preferences may be. We install the door, program garage door openers, and make sure every spring is in its place. For high quality products and high quality service, call Smarr Garage Door!

Types of Garage Doors

Garage doors can be separated into many different categories based on their characteristics.

Material. Garage doors can be made out of a number of different types of materials; however, the following are the most common:

  • Wood (durability, classic appearance, high return on investment)
  • Steel (low maintenance, inexpensive, tough)
  • Aluminum (lightweight, dent-resistant, good for wide garage doors/commercial applications)

Tracks. Most homes with garage doors that you’ve seen likely follow a track, and the door rolls up into that track when it opens. However, there are actually three other basic types; swing out, swing up, or slide to the side if additional space is available. For most homes and businesses, a roll up door is preferred because it saves space inside and outside of the garage.

Customizing Your Garage Door

There are many ways to customize your garage door to give it a decorative finish. These customizations can add to your curb appeal and help your garage door blend in with the style of your home.

Panel Design. Panel design is the most noticeable feature of most garage door styles. Maybe you want a classic raised panel design, or maybe you want two side-by-side panels to resemble an old-fashioned carriage door. Whatever the case may be, Smarr works with a number of great vendors and offers many different styles.

Windows. Windows can add a dramatic impression to your garage door and can allow light to come into your garage space. A row of decorative windows is the most common, but there a variety of options to choose from to fit your specific needs.

Paint. Color is one of the most dramatic ways to make a statement with your garage door and make it fit with the appearance of the rest of your home. If your home is beige, grey, or brick, consider a hite garage door to brighten up the neutral, darker colors. If you’d like it to blend in with the rest of your home, consider painting it the same color. You can also choose a contrasting color to make your door stand out.

Decorative Hardware. Many homeowners will add decorative hardware to dress up their door. Common options include handles, knockers, straps, and hinges.

The variety of products we offer from our different vendors allows us to customize our installation to the needs of your home. Do you want to know exactly how a garage door option will look on your home? Our suppliers' websites offer tools where you can upload a picture of your home and change the garage door style, helping you choose the best door. Check out Haas Door Company's online Door Visualizer. We perform residential, new construction, and commercial garage door installations.

Contact Us today to get started, we’d love to get your perfect garage door ordered and installed!

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