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Fiberglass Garage Door Example

Fiberglass Garage Doors

Low maintenance, beautiful, customizable

Fiberglass garage doors are made from sections of fiberglass with aluminum frames. A relatively new option on the market, fiberglass garage doors are both strong and lightweight, making them an increasingly popular, although still rather unknown, option among homeowners.

As with any option, fiberglass garage doors come with both pros and cons. At Smarr Garage Door, it is our mission to always help you choose the best garage door option for your home. Find some notes about the pros and cons of fiberglass doors underneath each category below.

Smarr Garage Door in Columbia, Missouri works with homeowners to find the perfect garage door to complement their homes. Get help finding and installing your perfect fiberglass garage door by contacting us today.

Pros and Cons of Fiberglass Garage Doors


Fiberglass garage doors can be less expensive than other options, depending on the style and quality you choose. Because of the way they are made, damage may occur to just one section of the door, which can be easily removed and replaced. This feature has the potential to make repairs cheaper than with other kinds of doors.

If you are primarily concerned with the initial and long-term cost of your garage door, fiberglass may be an option you’d want to consider.


Fiberglass doors can come in a variety of different colors and styles, and they can be designed to look and feel like wood for more curb appeal. Unlike wood or steel, however, fiberglass garage doors cannot be easily painted to change the look of the door after installation.

The fact that they do not require painting can be great if you want low cost and low maintenance, but it can also be a disadvantage if you want to change up the look of your home.


Fiberglass garage doors are not one-size-fits-all when it comes to efficiency. Single-layer fiberglass (the most basic kind of fiberglass garage door you can buy) does not include any insulation and will not be an effective material for regulating the temperature inside of your garage.

However, double-layer fiberglass includes a layer of insulation in between two layers of fiberglass, making it a much more effective choice for people worried about their home’s energy efficiency.


Fiberglass garage doors are generally considered to be a durable option. They are resistant to termite damage and can hold up against dents and dings from driveway games. However, they have a few disadvantages in regards to their long-term durability.

If picked in a lighter color, fiberglass doors may yellow and a darker color made fade over a long period of time, causing them to look less attractive with age. In the harsh cold (like we can sometimes have here in Missouri), fiberglass may also break down and become brittle after years of exposure.


Its low-maintenance requirements are one of this material’s biggest sells. Fiberglass garage doors don’t require painting, which should be appealing for anybody who isn’t looking forward to changing up the style of their home’s exterior often.

Additionally, fiberglass garage doors are made with panels in aluminum frames, rather than with one large sheet of material, making it easier to replace just a small part of the door if it becomes damaged, rather than the entire thing.


Fiberglass garage doors can be easily equipped with smart garage door technology to control the entryway to your home with an app on your smartphone or tablet. Having smart technology ingrained into your fiberglass garage door can make your life easier at the touch of a button and may potentially even increase the value of your home whenever you choose to sell it.

Fiberglass Garage Doors in Columbia, MO

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