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Aluminum Garage Door Example

Aluminum Garage Doors

Affordable, Durable, Timeless

In many ways, aluminum garage doors are similar to steel. They are both durable metal materials; however, aluminum is lighter than steel and tends to be less expensive as well. Many homeowners these days are turning to interesting aluminum garage doors (often times paired with tempered glass panels) for a bold, modern and unexpected look.

As with any option, aluminum garage doors come with both pros and cons. At Smarr Garage Door, it is our mission to always help you choose the best garage door option for your home. Find some notes about the pros and cons of aluminum doors underneath each category below.

Smarr Garage Door in Columbia, Missouri works with homeowners to find the perfect garage door to complement their homes. Get help finding and installing your perfect aluminum garage door by contacting us today.

Pros and Cons of Aluminum Garage Doors


Aluminum garage doors are often, depending on the style and quality you choose. Compared to steel, aluminum doors also rust less frequently and less easily. This feature has the potential to make repairs cheaper and less frequent. Because it is a lighter material, installation aluminum can also be easier to install.


Aluminum doors can come in a variety of different colors and styles, and their lightweight qualities make them easier to design or emboss. Like wood or steel, Aluminum garage doors can be easily painted to change the look of the door after installation.

Aluminum doors can also be installed with glass panels for a more modern look. This design feature is popular among homeowners who want to truly stand out from the crowd.


Aluminum garage doors are not one-size-fits-all when it comes to efficiency. Single-layer aluminum (the most basic kind of aluminum garage door you can buy) does not include any insulation and will not be an effective material for regulating the temperature inside of your garage.

However, upgraded models aluminum garage doors include a layer of insulation in between two layers of aluminum, making it a much more effective choice for people worried about their home’s energy efficiency.


Aluminum garage doors are generally considered to be a durable option. They are resistant to termite damage and can hold up against dents and dings from driveway games. However, their lightweight quality also puts them at risk of damage from higher impact events.


Aluminum doors are usually conveniently low maintenance, except for a few minor updates here and there. Although great for updates and regular customization, the fact that your aluminum door may need to be painted now and then can tack on some extra maintenance costs. Make sure to factor that in when comparing the cost of aluminum doors to other lower maintenance materials, such as vinyl or fiberglass.


Aluminum garage doors can be easily equipped with smart garage door technology to control the entryway to your home with an app on your smartphone or tablet. Having smart technology ingrained into your aluminum garage door can make your life easier at the touch of a button and may potentially even increase the value of your home whenever you choose to sell it.

Aluminum Garage Doors in Columbia, MO

is a family-owned business that has been serving Columbia and Mid-Missouri for nearly 40 years. No matter the garage door material you choose, our top priority will always be customer satisfaction. We promise to be available at every point during your project. We promise to help you in the friendly, honest manner you expect.

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