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Common Garage Door Repairs

7 Common Garage Door Repairs and Parts

Prepare yourself for common garage maintenance

Garage door giving you trouble? It may be one of these seven common issues. Keep reading to learn more about how to fix them!

If you don’t know what is wrong (or if you do and aren’t sure you can safely fix it), contact us today to schedule a repair with one of our expert technicians in the Columbia, MO area.

1.) Opening slightly then closing

If your garage door opens slightly and then immediately closes, it could be an indication there is an issue with some of the springs found towards the top of your garage door. You may need to replace them. When there is an issue with broken springs, you should consider replacing them all at once to avoid further issues that could arise from uneven wear and tear. Springs can be dangerous to replace, so it is recommended to always use a professional. Contact us to schedule a repair today.

2.) Cracks or gaps in the paint

This problem is common in many types of doors, especially wood garage doors. You can fix these easily with a sealant or caulk from your local hardware or home improvement store. Make sure to pick something waterproof. After it dries, you should be in the clear to paint over the problem area.

3.) Screeching and grinding

Loud screeching or grinding noises coming from your garage can be alarming, not to mention very annoying. Fortunately, this issue is generally pretty easy to fix. Screeching or grinding can happen when too much debris has collected on the tracks, or they are otherwise improperly lubricated. Get a garage door lubricant from a home improvement store and use it to clean the tracks (also removing any and all debris).

4.) Broken torsion springs

If your torsion spring is broken, you’ll be able to tell by the sound of something like a firework being set off in your garage. It can be hard to miss. A broken spring is a common problem that can be fixed by a professional team. These springs handle a lot of tension, which make them dangerous to handle on your own without proper training.

5.) Rust spots

Getting annual maintenance done on your garage can seal the doors from weather damage and prevent rust from the start. But if you’ve skipped this step and are starting to see rust spots from iron that has been exposed to too much air or water, you can still fix it. Try washing the area with dish soap and then rubbing out the rust with vinegar After that, you should be good to sand, prime and paint. Good as new.

Common Garage Door Parts

6.) Cracked weather sealant

Weather sealant can be found on the side or seams of your garage door. A cracked sealant can leave your garage vulnerable to weather or water damage. You can find a new weather sealant online or at a home improvement store. If you need help with the install, call Smarr to set up a repair.

7.) Broken remote

Smart garage door remotes are just as susceptible to dead batteries as anything else. If you’re sure the battery isn’t dead and that it is inserted properly, locate your remote’s owners manual and see if you can reset the remote without replacing it.

Contact Smarr Garage Door for Repairs

Smarr Garage Door’s staff of expert technicians are prepared to help you with any garage issues, big or small. Keep in mind, many of the problems listed above can be fixed or avoided with routine garage maintenance in the spring or fall. Contact us to schedule a repair or to set up routine maintenance visits today.

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